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Securities Arbitration Attorneys for International Investors from Euope, South America, Asia, Hong Kong, Africa, Middle East, France, United Kingdom, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Germany, Japan
International Securities Arbitration Lawyers Protecting Investors from around the Globe, including countries like England, Germany, France, Israel, Ivory Coast & Indonesia.
Securities Fraud Attorneys Fighting for International Investors from England, France, Germany, Ivory Coast and every continent such as  Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia, South America
International Commodities Fraud Attorneys & Commodities Arbitration Lawyers for International Investors
Securities Fraud Lawyers & Investment Arbitration Attorneys for International Investments in United States based Brokers or Brokerage Houses.  Investors from Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East, Africa & Australia

International Securities Arbitration Attorneys

Eppenstein and Eppenstein’s experienced securities and commodities fraud attorneys will represent you in maximizing recovery of your assets in arbitration and litigation.  We are not so-called mass tort lawyers, and we never represent broker dealers. Our focus is representation of aggrieved investors. From our law offices located in New York City, our nationally and internationally recognized securities fraud attorneys represent clients who have suffered significant investment losses from the United States, Hong Kong and trans Asia, South America, the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere around the world.

Securities Arbitration and Litigation Lawyers:
A history of Domestic & International Results

The law firm of Eppenstein and Eppenstein established its reputation over 25 years ago in the field of business litigation, highlighted by its longstanding work in investment fraud prosecution on behalf of investors, and through its aggressive approach to asset recovery in securities and commodities arbitration, with a record recovery for individual investors of more than $46 million in 2002. We represent clients harmed by stock broker fraud and wrongful conduct by other investment industry professionals, such as:

The wrongful conduct can also include:

  • Negligence
  • Facilitation of Financial Suicide
  • Stock Manipulation
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Excessive Use of Margin
  • Mutual Fund and Stock Option Abuses
  • Failure to Diversify, Over Concentration
  • Failure to Supervise or Follow Industry Standards
  • Failure to Follow Buy-Sell or Investment Strategies Instructions

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International Securities Arbitration Lawyers US United States Broker or Brokerage House Facing Fraud Claims
International Securities Fraud Attorneys International Investors Have Rights & Remedies

Examples of Eppenstein & Eppenstein's Recovery Results for International Investors.

International Customer Base:
From our first case representing a small winery in Italy over 25 years ago, clients overseas have hired our New York City based firm to fight for their rights against major U.S. broker-dealers with offices abroad. We have settled or received securities arbitration payments aggregating close to $15 Million for a German industrialist, an Italian dentist, an international businessman from the Middle East, a retired furniture manufacturer from Belgium, an Indonesian company, a Paris businessman, a British hotelier with a royal heritage and a book seller from Ivory Coast. We initiated a case for the Swiss representative of a large group of predominantly German and Swiss investors who ultimately won an arbitration award of $3.5 Million.

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Commodities Arbitration Lawyers for International Investors
International Investors Arbitration Lawyers for Investors in US United States Stock Markets A History of Leadership in Securities Arbitration for Our Global Clientele

International Investors have Rights & Remedies through the Arbitration Process.

The globalization of markets, the internationalization, merger and consolidation of major investment firms, the joinder of commercial and investment banking and the interest of international public investors in utilizing the services of reputable, brand-name brokers, has contributed to a concomitant increase in customer claims filed in arbitration by both domestic and international investors.Yet, in practice, very few defrauded international investors who do business with United States securities and commodity futures firms through branch offices based both outside of and within the U.S., appear to be aware of their rights and remedies

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International Investment Arbitration Lawyer for Investors in US Commodity Markets

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