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Championing Investor Rights For Over a Quarter Century

Our Unique Approach to Innovative Securities Arbitration and Public Service

The SEC, NASD and NYSE all have asked for our opinion on improving the arbitration system, and they have adopted our proposals to level the playing field in securities arbitration. We have participated in arbitration symposia in the U.S. and abroad and have been principle speakers at various stock exchanges: at the New York Stock Exchange, in Russia at the MICEX Exchange and in Egypt at the Cairo-Alexandria Stock Exchange. In 2000 in Moscow and again in 2003 in Cairo we were invited to appear as part of the NYSE’s “Dream Team” on arbitration.

To level the playing field, we successfully suggested arbitrator selection procedures before this became commonplace; we successfully suggested that the NASD give us a second round of potential arbitrators when only one was commonplace; and we advocated that the NASD change the way it administers motions to dismiss by deferring any action on such motions to the arbitrators to decide if they would even entertain such motions before a claimant has to interpose a response.

In the course of our representation we developed and utilized unique and innovative techniques to achieve an equitable and remunerative outcome, such as persuading the NFA (National Futures Association) to administer a large group of cases linked by a common nexus of facts into one, cost effective, consolidated trial. We also got the NFA rules relaxed to permit a traveling arbitration panel that conducted hearings in three different states.

Act Now: We Can Help You Recover

As an individual or institution that has been harmed by securities fraud or other investment fraud, it is easy to feel like David trying to take on Goliath. If you have suffered losses through any combination of investment fraud or broker misconduct, we can help you recover your losses. If you have suffered losses through securities, commodities, hedge fund, mutual fund, insurance, accounting or other fraud and malfeasance, call us immediately.

In addition to our results-oriented experience in securities and commodities arbitration and litigation, we have been staunch advocates for our clients in a landmark case before the United States Supreme Court, and in testimony on investor rights in the U.S. Congress. From our offices based in New York City, our attorneys can handle investment fraud and broker misconduct cases arising in the U.S. or worldwide.

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Contact the respected stock broker fraud law firm of Eppenstein and Eppenstein in New York for aggressive legal representation to help you recover your money lost due to investment fraud and abuses including securities fraud, commodities fraud, and hedge fund, mutual fund, pension fund, insurance and tax shelter fraud.

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