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Investment Arbitration Attorneys Eppenstein & Eppenstein NYC NY Recover Losses & Punitive Damages for Investors
Recover from Fraud in New York to California-Use an Experienced Investment Arbitration Attorney Financial Law
International Investors Use Securities Arbitration Attorneys to Recover Funds
Punitive Damages May be Recovered for Investors-Use an Experienced Investment Arbitration Attorney
Futures Arbitration Lawyers in New York NY Recover Losses & Punitive Damages for Futures Investors

Securities Arbitration Attorney Results

Public Investor Arbitration Recovery

$16,000,000 Million Plus: According to the Wall Street Journal, this was the largest arbitration award to a public investor, and many millions beyond out of pocket loss. Every penny was collected for this retired client from California. In the process our lawyers beat two mega defense firms.

National Futures Association (NFA) Arbitration Recovery with Punitive Damages

$8,000,000 Million Plus: We represented a retailer/manufacturer from Missouri, represented by the family’s baby boomer head, who recovered close to $9 million including a punitive damage award. The case was consolidated for trial with 12 other investors whose combined recovery topped $46 million, a record for recoveries in NFA arbitration.

New York Investor Arbitration Result-Finding of Fraud

$6,000,000 Million Plus: A New York family from Long Island also prevailed on a finding of fraud and collected almost $7 million. We took over the case from other attorneys as it was foundering in a California court. This was the first client of a group of 13 investors who also found justice in arbitration.

International Investor Recovered Funds from Securities Arbitration at the NYSE

$5,000,000 Million Plus: One of our string of successful cases for our global clientele, this multi-national businessman as reported by the New York Times set a record in the mid-1990's for the largest settlement ever reported in a case venued at the NYSE.

Punitive Damages Awarded via Arbitration

$2,000,000 Million Plus: A retired businessman from Colorado was awarded over double his loss including punitive damages plus interest.

Elderly Investor Wins Arbitration over Unsuitable Investments Induced by Broker

$1,000,000 Million Club: We traveled to Boston for the case of an elderly, retired engineer from Massachusetts who was induced by his broker to trade his blue chip portfolio for unsuitable investments. The broker dealer settled before the arbitration panel ruled on the case. It is estimated that his settlement was over double the largest amount that had been awarded by an SRO arbitration panel in Boston at that time.

International Investors Win Arbitration Awards

International Customer Base: From our first case representing a small winery in Italy over 25 years ago, clients overseas have hired our New York City based firm to fight for their rights against major U.S. broker-dealers with offices abroad. We have settled or received securities arbitration payments aggregating close to $15 Million for a German industrialist, an Italian dentist, an international businessman from the Middle East, a retired furniture manufacturer from Belgium, an Indonesian company, a Paris businessman, a British hotelier with a royal heritage and a book seller from Ivory Coast. We initiated a case for the Swiss representative of a large group of predominantly German and Swiss investors who ultimately won an arbitration award of $3.5 Million.

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